Els Pastorets & el Caga Tió 2012 – RSVP

Celebrate with the Casal Catala de Washington DC some of the well know Catalan Christmas traditions: Els Pastorets and the Caga Tió.

Els Pastorets will entertain you with the vicissitudes of Lluc and Rovelló, two shepherds who get involved with the powers of good and bad, while on their way to admire Jesus, the new-born. Afterwards the children will have the chance to get candies from the Tió de Nadal or Caga Tió, the log that gives presents or excretes them, while being hit with a stick. We will round up our get together with some Catalan carols and a Christmas toast with cava remembering all the activities that we shared this year 2012 that is about to end.

  • Day: Sunday, December 16th
  • Time: From 3pm to 6pm
  • Where: 1200 N Herndon Street, Arlington, VA 22201 (SEE MAP HERE). Metro: Clarendon (5 minutes walking distance)
  • Schedule:
    From 3pm to 3.30pm: welcoming everyone
    From 3.30pm to 4pm: performance of Els Pastorets
    From 4pm to 5pm: Caga Tió with the children
    From 5 to 5.30pm: Catalan carols · 5.30 to 6pm: clean up and end.
  • Price: the Casal Català will buy everything — these are the entrance fees:
    $10 per person
    $25 per family with children under 12 (children under 5, free)
    $30 per family with children above 12


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