Info Delegació NYC – A word from the Delegate

Dear Friends,

I think you will find that this month’s edition of the Newsletter highlights not only the quality of the Catalan cultural activities on offer in the United States over the past month, but also its diversity. On the one hand, the globally renowned Sónar electronic music festival kicked off its first Chicago edition, with a diverse group of acts from Catalonia, Illinois and beyond playing to the delight of some 8,000 spectators. On the other hand, maestro Jordi Savall turned in a masterful performance to a packed house at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, seamlessly blending (together with his wife and collaborator, Soprano Montserrat Figueras) his baroque and renaissance musical repertoire with the traditional Mexican folk music of the Tembembe Ensamble Continuo.

In this month’s edition we also highlight the inauguration of a new and exciting collaborative effort by Catalan wine makers to market the best of Catalan wine in the United States, as well as the signing of a sister city agreement between Barcelona and San Francisco, which will bring increased business and cultural exchange between California and Catalonia over the coming months and years. Our monthly interview is with Ambassador Ambler Moss, an old friend of Catalonia who recently accompanied President Jimmy Carter to Barcelona in July to accept the Catalonia International Prize 2010.

We hope you enjoy this month’s edition of the Newsletter, and look forward to your thoughts and comments.

Andrew Davis
Head of the Delegation

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