INFO – The ‘Via Catalana’ in the U.S.

444886182_640Dear Catalans and friends of Catalonia:

As you know, this coming September 11th (the Catalan National Day) some Catalans will perform the Via Catalana —the Catalan Way—, a human chain stretching across Catalonia (250 miles), where thousands of Catalans will stand hand in hand in their desire to become a new state in Europe.

Via Santcugatenca carrer Valldoreix 6 jul 13A group of Catalans in the U.S. is organizing similar events in New York City and Washington D.C.

  • New York City: Sun. Aug. 31, Times Square, 5pm
  • Washington D.C.: Wed. Sept. 4, in front of the White House

Please, note that the Casal Català de Washington DC is not the organizer of these activities. Since some of you have sent emails to the Casal asking for more information about it, we are sharing with you the following link where you can find further details about the aforementioned events.

The Catalan Way USA – click here to know more

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