INFO – BBQ Family Event on Sun. May 8th

Cordially Invites You to
Catalan BBQ at Rock Creek Park [Spot #1]
May 8th, 2011
We have reserved Area #1 at Rock Creek Park where we will cook a fantastic dinner for families and friends of Catalonia. The Casal Català will supply the meat and some appetizers; please, bring your drinks and special dishes, and contribute to this family event.
We will start grilling at noon – while the dinner is ready, you can also participate in the Penya-Barcelonista soccer game.
To get there, you can drive or use the Metro (Van Ness is the closest walking-distance station — see attached document).
* * *
RSVP by Tuesday, May. 3rd
In order to organize the BBQ, we would like to know in your RSVP how many of you will attend the BBQ and ages?
* * *
What: Family barbeque dinner and soccer match
When: May 8th 2011
Time: From noon to 5 p.m.
Where: Area #1 of Rock Creek Park (NW, Washington, DC)

Info – Family BBQ.pdf

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