Info – Delegació Generalitat als EUA: Newsleter de Novembre 2011

A word from the Delegate

Dear Readers,

This month’s edition of The Newsletter highlights two important areas related to Catalonia’s internationalization. First, this year’s United Nations Day commemoration was observed by the Government of Catalonia via a conference co-organized with the United Nations Organization of Spain, spotlighting the important role that decentralized governments have assumed with regards to global challenges such as climate change and development cooperation. In Washington DC, the Catalan Competitiveness Agency (ACC1Ó) organized a successful three day mission for Catalan companies working in the field of renewable energies, familiarizing them with the tender processes for projects sponsored by the respective development banks and receiving briefings on specific development and energy projects taking place around the world.

October also saw the inauguration of the Tapis Rouge international film festival in Montreal, this year honoring Catalan culture with four days of full length and short films from Catalonia. Finally, the Secretary of Language Policy of the Government of Catalonia made a stopover in New York on his way to giving a keynote speech at a conference at the University of Indiana (Bloomington), giving a second talk at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York at which he offered a talk on bilingualism, multilingualism and education.

Finally, this month’s interview highlights the life and work of an up-and-coming Catalan poet, Gemma Gorga, who recently completed a prestigious Ledig House International Writers Residency, in upstate New York.

We hope you enjoy this month’s The Newsletter, and as always, look forward to your thoughts and comments.


Andrew Davis
Head of Delegation

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