Penya Barcelonista WDC – Special call “final de Liga”

Dear all,

Just one more won game left and we will be LA LIGA champions again (SUNDAY 16th, 1PM, ELEFANT&CASTLE – 19th and I St.). Two in a row! But, as master Guardiola warned us, there still is a lot of work to do against Valladolid. And the Penya members will be at E&C to support once more our team.

As it is our last 2009-2010 season’s meeting, the Penya’s board has prepared an special event for all of you consisting in:

1) Special lunch – 40 Catalan / Spanish traditional food servings with pà amb tomàquet, croquetes de pollaste, queso manchego, and tortilla de patatas. First come, first served from 12.30 pm / 22$ (CASH) per serving (taxes and tip included).

2) Estrella DAMM available!!! Limited # of beers.

3) T-shirts delivery / sale – for those who have reserved "District of Culémbia" T-shirts, we will be selling them at the E & C from 12:00-1:00pm on Sunday May 16th. Please bring $20 cash or check.

If you are unable to attend the match and wish to make alternate payment/pick-up arrangements, please e-mail Aaron (aaron.plantenberg). Unclaimed shirts will be sold on Sunday. Depending on demand, we may place another order over the summer.

Additionally, if you would like a shirt but didn’t reserve one, we’ll have a few extras on hand. First come, first served.

3) Music (surprise) and more.

We hope to SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!


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