Penya Barcelonista WDC – Basketball Euroleague Final FCB – Olympiakos

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Dear Penya members,

This Friday FCB’s basketball team recorded a glorious victory in their first Final Four game in Paris against CSKA Moscow to reach the final, where they will take Olympiacos.Barça will play his first final since 2003 when we won our first trophy.

You are invited to join us tomorrow (Sunday May 9th) at 4pm @ E&C (19th & I St) to cheer for the team and if possible, celebrate the second Euroleague of the team!

See you there!

Penya Barcelonista WDC – Sevilla-FCB Saturday May 8th 3pm @ E&C

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Only two more games people! We are almost touching the Cup. But Madrid doesn’t give up and we cannot lose any of the six points left if we want to win the title.

Join us on Saturday May 8th at 3pm to see the game all together and cheer for the team. Hope to see you all there!

See the PBWDC’s call in our blog: www.fcbarcelonadc.com

Also one year ago we were facing Chelsea in the semifinals of the Champions League and on the 92nd minute Iniesta scored the 1-1 that gave us the chance to go to Rome to play the Final, see the vid of the goal also in the blog.

Penya Barcelonista WDC: FCB – Tenerife May 4th 2pm

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Dear Penya members,

Three finals left, the goal is to reach the 99 points that would ensure the League titol and no points can fly away from Camp Nou!!! See you all on Tuesday at 2pm in E&C (19th & I St NW) see more information in the Penya’s website



Penya barcelonista WDC

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Dear Penya members,

Barça, Barça, Barça, more than ever!!! And as a result of the efforts this Penya is putting to impove and enlarge its support to the club, see this weekend’s call at OUR NEW WEB SITE!!!




The official F.C. Barcelona supporters club in DC

Penya Barcelonista WDC – T-shirts

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Dear Penya’s members:

We are ordering T-shirts for the Penya and we need to know numbers and sizes for those who are interested. Please e-mail aaron.plantenberg by 5:00 pm on Friday to place your shirt order.

Basic design (See attached demo images):

Front: "District of Culémbia"
Back: Penya Logo "Since 2009"

Sizes and Styles Available:

American Apparel 50/50: Made in the USA, pretty soft, little shrinkage.

See the links below for more sizing information:

Men’s S – XL


Women’s S – XL


Colors Available:

Black or Asphalt (Dark Gray)



Lectorat Georgetown – Hora del cafè

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Hola, a tots,

Com cada dilluns, avui a les 5:30 pm farem l’hora del cafè en català. Ens trobarem com sempre al lobby del Departament d’espanyol i portuguès de la Universitat de Georgetown, per fer un cafè i practicar català.

Us hi espero,


ACOM – SAVE THE DATE: Dinar amb el Delegat del Govern de la Generalitat a Nord-Amèrica – Dijous 27 de maig

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SAVE THE DATE: Dinar amb el Delegat del Govern de la Generalitat a Nord-Amèrica – Dijous 27 de maig


Fa uns mesos la Generalitat de Catalunya va obrir una oficina de representació a Nova York, al capdavant de la qual hi ha el seu delegat, Sr. Andrew Davis. A finals de maig té prevista una visita a Washington, DC per motius de feina, i li hem proposat de dinar amb el grup de catalans i catalanes que treballem a les institucions multilaterals. Apunteu-vos la data i l’hora. Estem acabant de tancar un preu amb un restaurant cèntric i pròxim per tothom